Super Digital Design BV. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has a deep understanding that personal information is important information that constitutes privacy when conducting marketing services and other in-house services. When handling personal information, we will respond to expectations and trust in our company by establishing an organizational structure and striving to protect personal information appropriately.
By the time you use our service, you understand and agree to the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “policy”), so please read this policy carefully.

Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company will comply with the guidelines and other norms set by laws and ordinances regarding personal information, and strive to protect personal information appropriately.

Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information

We identify the purpose of using personal information within the scope of our business activities, and acquire, use, and provide personal information fairly and appropriately to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose. In addition, we will take measures to prevent the use of the acquired personal information for other purposes.

Appropriate management of personal information

The Company fully recognizes the dangers of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information handled by the Company, implements reasonable security measures, and takes appropriate corrective measures if a problem occurs. I will take it.

Continuous improvement

The Company has established management rules and a management system for the protection of personal information, which will be thoroughly implemented by all employees, reviewed regularly, and will strive for continuous improvement.

Response to inquiries

The Company will respond appropriately to any inquiries such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and consultation on complaints regarding the personal information handled by the Company.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the handling of our personal information, please contact the following.
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TEL: +31(0)202442851